Doctoral Program In Empowerment Informatics Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering, G+C27raduate School of Science and Technology, University of Tsukuba

筑波大学 University of Tsukuba

OutlineAbout Empowerment Informatics

Future societies are expected to demand engineering systems capable of improving quality of life in terms of safety, convenience, a sense of fulfillment, etc. To this end, this program establishes “Empowerment Informatics” as a new branch of informatics that supplements and extends human functions and enables technology to work in harmony with people.


CurriculumAbout EMP Curriculum

The educational goals of the Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics are to develop students’ abilities necessary to create systems capable of “empowering people” in the following three areas: Interdisciplinary ability, Presentation ability, and Frontline ability.


ResearchResearch Environment

We offer a unique environment for human resource development, as demonstrated by our “Empowerment Studio”, where students are able to work together whenever they want to brush-up systems through permanent exhibitions. And our “Empowerment Dormitory”, which not only provides room and board, but is a venue for collaborations.


CooperationIndustry and International Collaborations

This program creates an organizational multidisciplinary research guidance system that provides each student with consistent mentorship from a multidisciplinary team consist of domestic and foreign industrial, governmental, and academic leaders.