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01.Student Comments

Aim to balance conflicts between human informatics with artificial intelligence

ZHANG Haihan
(EMP 2-year Student)

With the development of human-machine symbiosis, whether human can coexist with artificial intelligence and how machine can better adapt to human has become an intricate problem at this time. My dream is to find the equilibrium point between human and AI. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. This project gives me many opportunities to develop my own human-machine system. By accessing to various human-machine developers, we create lots of sparks of thought collision, which makes me get closer and close to the truth.

Conceiving of and building my own career from a multifaceted point of view

Akira Kashihara
(EMP 2-year Student)

Since it enables interdisciplinary study of not only informatics but also other subjects such as medicine, psychology, and business, this Program serves as an excellent opportunity not only to acquire knowledge but also to think about one's own research and career from a multifaceted point of view. In addition, students enrolled in the Program can work on projects together not only in class but also in extramural activities. I feel that the Program's environment, in which students can identify opportunities and receive support for them, has been highly meaningful in building my own career in research and other activities.

Aiming to contribute to human understanding and society through research based mainly on information engineering

Taisei Sugiyama
(EMP 4-year Student)

Today, in a society characterized by advances in information technology that has been called an “advanced IT society,” informatics is being used in an even broader range of fields than before. Research concerning human beings is no exception, and my goal is to understand human beings at an even deeper level through interdisciplinary research combining the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychology with a focus mainly on information engineering. I also am striving to participate proactively in joint research and other activities with those active in the field, keeping my eye on not only making academic contributions but also contributing to society through advances in medical applications, such as rehabilitation and neuropharmacology.

Aiming to be a global leader for the next generation

Takashi Kuwahara
(EMP 3-year Student)

This program provides an opportunity to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and technologies, a multifaceted, wide-ranging point of view, and the power of observation to discern the essence of issues, across a wide range of academic domains including engineering, medicine, the arts, and business. It also offers the chance to master the ability to work on a project as part of a team, through building on projects developed in class and participating in academic conferences, contests, and other activities. My goal after completing the program is to be a professional who can succeed on a global stage as a leader for the next generation, equipped with diverse perspectives and wide-ranging knowledge and the abilities to propose and implement real-world solutions.

VR based Social Innovation: Empowering our society with Virtual Reality

(EMP 5-year Student)

I aim to be an expert in Virtual Reality, leveraging the potential of the state of the art technologies for contributing to social innovation. I will strive to offer novel, effective, and secure technology solutions to society as a whole, blending outside of the box thinking with well-proven scientific methods.

Rediscovering myself

Xie Chun

I joined the Program because I wanted to discover new possibilities using my own specialized knowledge, within a multidisciplinary environment. I believe that in my three years here, I have been able to acquire wide-ranging knowledge and greatly expand my own potential, through group seminars and discussions with people from diverse backgrounds including neuroscience and the arts as well as engineering. I am confident that the knowledge obtained through this program will provide a greater range of choices for my own future and enable me to build a highly creative, enriched career.