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02.Research Environment

Research Environment

The University of Tsukuba is a world leader in Informatics, including applications of information and robot technologies in rehabilitation, function recovery, and self-reliance support. We also led cutting-edge research on man-machine systems to improve automobile safety and comfort as well as to advance the expressive abilities of engineers through device art. A distinct feature is that we are a comprehensive university with arts and business science faculties for an education tailored to each student’s interests and goals.
Moreover, we offer a unique environment for human resource development, as demonstrated by our “Empowerment Studio”, where students routinely work together to refine systems through exhibitions, and our "Empowerment Dormitory", which not only provides room and board, but is a venue for collaborations.


One of the Program’s distinguishing features is its Empowerment Studio, which fosters frontline ability, presentation ability, and interdisciplinary ability through daily practice of a research style that refines systems through exhibiting them.

Large Space, the world’s largest virtual reality system

Large Space, the world’s largest virtual reality system, can be described as the greatest research attractor in the Empowerment Studio. It is a large experimental module equipped with features including motion capture and motion base equipment, capable of projecting three-dimensional images on all surrounding walls and the floor, enabling experiments such as measuring the motions of people and things in wide-open spaces and generating feelings of motion and movement in a virtual world. In addition, since all the devices in the Large Space are mounted on trusses the floor is an open space that can be used for diverse research subjects.

The main structure of the Large Space
Wire-driven motion base Boats the world’s largest range of movement at 18 m (w) * 9 m (d) * 7.4 m (h). Can fly with 7 wires, surrounded by a full HD projection system.
3D projectors for all surrounding walls and the floor Christie Digital Mirage DS+14K-M (12 units)
Motion capture system OptiTrack Prime 41 (20 units)

Grand Gallery multipurpose exhibition space

The Grand Gallery is fully equipped with empowerment units that make it possible to configure exhibition spaces flexibly, so that students can exhibit and conduct demonstrations of systems they developed in courses such as Empowerment Informatics Project-based Research and Practical Training in Engineering Residence. Empowerment units can be combined to conduct exhibitions or presentations in a variety of configurations, including those of a gallery, a lecture hall, or a combination gallery and lecture hall.

Empowerment Units
Wall units 2.4 m white cubes. Items can be exhibited on their walls or in their interiors. The walls also can be used as screens. (3 units)
Pedestal units Portable display pedestals. Some can be used as benches for resting. (12 units)
Rack units Come in four types. Can be used as storage racks. (8 units)

Showroom laboratory

Empowerment systems being researched are displayed at all times in the showroom laboratory.

Nomad-type laboratory

The nomad-type laboratory is a workspace that students can use as the circumstances warrant in accordance with the needs of their teams or objectives, without having to stick to a single place. This laboratory is fully equipped with equipment including ,a laser cutting machine, 3D, UV-LED, and large-format printers.

Empowerment Dormitory

Modeled on British dormitory living, the Empowerment Dormitory fosters collaboration through students sleeping and eating meals under the same roof.

Empowerment Dormitory Common Room

The Common Room in the Empowerment Dormitory, exclusively for use by EMP students, is used for purposes such as project meetings organized by student teams on their own and working together on course assignments. At times it can be used for receptions and other events as well. This is a shared space intended to encourage students to study closely together. Equipped with Wi-Fi and a Polycom videoconferencing system, it also serves as a place for intellectual stimulation through frank exchange of opinions with off-campus participants, industry, universities overseas, and others.
The program will provide motivated individuals unprecedented opportunities for academic studies and career development while improving communication skills in an international environment. Consequently, the elite participants (about eight students from each year in the program) will develop a strong competitive edge.