04.General Admissions in August

Admissions for Academic Year 2025

In addition to the Doctoral degree, we will award the Master's degree in Human Informatics for students who will be admitted after the academic year 2018 after they pass the Qualifying Exam scheduled at the end of the 2nd year.

Application Information

Maximum Number of Places Available For entry to the 1st year of the program: 4 students

*  This program is a 5-year doctoral program. Applicants who have earned a master’s degree are eligible to apply for admission to the third year of the program (equivalent to a doctoral course).

*  Time of enrollment is April 2025.

Academic Year 2025 General Admissions in August

Maximum number of places available For entry to the 1st year of the program: 4 students
Admission Site Online

The online application guidelines are available.

Information and Instructions for Examinees

Please read "Information and Instructions for Examinees" carefully and take the exam according to the information. The information is published in the information column of the Graduate Admissions site.

Remarks for the Day of the Examination

The remarks for the day of the examination are available. (The previous year's remarks are posted for reference.)