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03.Alumni Association

Tadayuki Tone

Congratulations on your graduation.
I'm Tadayuki Tone, a graduate of this program last year.
You will be in a new environment from April. Some of you may be worried that your abilities will work in the new environment.
A year ago, I had the same anxiety, but realized that what I learned in this empowerment informatics program, such as Interdisciplinary abilities, Presentation abilities, and Frontier abilities, was highly valued in society.
Therefore, be confident in your abilities and make the most of your abilities in new places.
I wish you continued success in a new environment
Also, from this year, the EMP Alumni Association will be created in the Empowerment Informatics Program.
Someone will explain in more detail about the EMP Alumni Association later, but this EMP Alumni Association will provide an environment where those involved in the Empowerment Informatics program can stay connected after graduation.
I will be organizing the EMP Alumni Association as the Second Alumni Chairman. We look forward to your active participation.