2017 Empowerment Informatics Seminar

Prof. KUMIYO NAKAKOJI, Professor, Kyoto University Design School will lecture in the Empowerment Informatics Seminar. It is valuable opportunity, we welcome all participating.

Date and Time: June 7 (Wed.), 2017, 13:00-15:00

Room: 3B213 (Presentation Room), Dai-San Area, University of Tsukuba

Speaker: Prof. KUMIYO NAKAKOJI (Professor, Kyoto University Design School)

Title: The Anatomy of Interaction

Abstract: The notion of interaction design has evolved to focus more on the experience people would have when engaging with an artifact (i.e., tools, systems, or environments) rather than on the functionality the artifact should provide.
Any artifact deals with both the world “of making” and that “of using.” The world of making is  concerned with molding, constructing and building, resulting in its functionality. The world of  using is concerned with engaging and interacting-with, resulting in experience. The two worlds
are structurally, semantically, and temporally intertwined but are based on two independent  norms; while the world of making is driven based on laws, such as physics, chemistry and  mathematics, the world of using is based on perception, cognition, emotion, and ethics.
The world of using is composed of interactions. This talk presents aspects of interactions  from the design perspective, addressing the question of what the world of using ought to be.