OutlineAbout EMP

01.About Empowerment Informatics

Empowerment Informatics in the Program

This program aims to realize students’ career development and consists of the following three areas. These areas are the advantages of the University of Tsukuba, and the most important issues that connect to industry.

Establishment of Empowerment Informatics

Prof. Kenji Suzuki
Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
(Program Leader)

The word “empowerment” originally means to “give abilities and powers to people.” It has been used in a sociological sense to explain the process of realizing a society where individuals or groups can exert their latent abilities. In recent years, empowerment has been practiced in the fields of nursing and business. Empowerment Informatics is a branch of informatics that has been systematized to encourage and support human independence and autonomy, improving the quality of life.