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03.Educational Goals

Educational Goals

The human resource development goals of the Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics are to develop students’
abilities necessary to create systems capable of “empowering people” in the following three areas:

  • 俯瞰力と独創力に裏打ちされた多角的で複眼的な思考力としての分野横断力
  • 直感力と理論武装力を基盤としてグローバルな舞台で活躍する魅せ方力
  • 産官学にわたる実問題の解決能力を有し活躍できる現場力

This program coordinates collaboration between multiple disciplines: informatics, engineering, arts, psychology, neuroscience, clinical medicine, nursing science, business science, and corporate laws. Students will enroll in the School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA), a university-wide organization with functions equivalent to those of existing graduate schools. Students will complete courses in the three pillars of Supplement, Harmony, and Extension to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their abilities in the area of expertise. To develop the skills necessary to create systems that integrate these three pillars, students will be provided the overall perspective of Empowerment Informatics toward the end of their studies.