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04.Diploma Policy

Diploma Policy

We confer a Doctor of Human Informatics on those who acquire both an extensive research ability and a strong leadership through this program. Since the graduate of this Ph.D. program is expected to provide superb leadership in a global society which consists of people with diverse cultural backgrounds, we specifically certified “Interdisciplinary Ability”, “Presentation Ability”, and “Frontline Ability” of the Ph.D. candidates. The candidates will be asked to complete the required credit and pass all assessments of student achievement before they submit the thesis. The doctoral degree will finally be conferred after the thesis defense conducted by our thesis committee.

QualifyingExamination In lieu of thesis preparation for a master’s degree at the completion of the master’s course, a comprehensive examination of basic abilities is conducted prior to undertaking intensive work on a Ph.D. thesis. (Ordinance No. 6 of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the amendment of part of graduate school setting standards issued on March 14, 2014)
The qualification examination is a comprehensive examination to assess the basic abilities required for starting to write a Ph.D. thesis which is equivalent to a defense of the master thesis. The objective of this examination system is to bridge the master and the Ph.D. courses so that a student who passes this examination is eligible to transfer to the third year of this Ph.D. course. Thus, for a master degree holder, this system works equivalently to a conventional doctoral course.
Students need master’s degree level knowledge and research performance as well as the basic research skills required for the preparation of a doctoral thesis (32 credits).
The Final Assessment of Student Achievement In addition to having high-level research skills in the field of empowerment informatics, students need the “Interdisciplinary Ability”, “Presentation Ability”, “Frontline Ability” to succeed as a global leader in industry, academia, or government (50 credits).

Ph.D. Degree Examination

In addition to the thesis examination, students are interviewed and assessed by a Multidisciplinary Research Guidance Team based on periodic assessments of student achievement in their portfolios as well as their final assessment of student achievement. The combined results from examinations, evaluations, and interviews confirm that the candidate possesses an “Interdisciplinary Ability”, “Presentation Ability”, and “Frontline Ability” in addition to the research ability required to be a global leader in empowerment informatics.

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