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2016年11月21日(月)12:00 – 13:00:エンパワースタジオ:The 2nd meeting of EMP Seminar Series 立命館大学 和田 隆広 教授講演会のご案内

2016 2nd EMP Seminar Seriesでは、立命館大学より和田 隆広教授をお招きし、ご講演いただきます。貴重な機会となりますので、皆様奮ってご参加ください。



場所:筑波大学 第3エリア エンパワースタジオ

講師:和田 隆広教授(立命館大学)

演題:Mathematical Modeling of Comfort in Human Location and Its Application to Human Machine Systems

概要:Comfort is important to increase usability of human machine systems.It is, however, difficult to quantify the comfort due to its ambiguity.
In our laboratory, the Human Robotics Lab., conducts researches on cybernetic modeling of humans including sensory processing regarding our motions
and applys it to design and control problems of human machine systems.
In this lecture, Prof. Wada will introduce mathematical modeling of motion sickness and its application to comfort motion control of the automated vehicles. He will also talk a control method of transfemoral prostheses with high comfort.