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2018年7月28日〜8月5日、つくば市の主催で茨城県つくば美術館にて開催された「つくばメディアアートフェスティバル2018」に、EMP履修生(5年次Alberto Boem、John Brumley、西田惇、髙鳥光、利根忠幸、4年次大図岳、Kalros Ishac、佐野祐士、敷根伸光、Chun Xie、Felix Dollack、3年次髙嶋倫太郎、2年次杉本実夏)の作品が展示されました。本イベントは、EMPプログラムリーダーである岩田洋夫教授の監修で、科学技術を使って生み出された芸術作品・メディアアートの展覧会です。


We started to “Space Art Workshop” in 2016, under the direction of Prof. Osaka Takuro. Then it continued in the following year, and now it will happen again during Summer and Fall of 2018.

Last year, we showed the results of the first workshop at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 (Linz, Austria). The chosen title was “Life in the Space-Age: Experiments of Art and Technology in Zero-Gravity”.

This year we I got invited to reassemble this exhibition for the Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018. For this, I extended the previous exhibition by including also the works developed for the 2017 workshop.

The new exhibition includes a full video documentation of each project (13 in total), plus a showcase of all the prototypes developed by the participants.

This exhibition has two main important points. First, showing the results of the workshop to a broad audience. Art exhibitions can be an interesting way of showing results of interdisciplinary research. Second, engaging with the local community. Since the headquarter of JAXA is in Tsukuba, and one of the main landmarks of the city is a space rocket, we felt important to show our perspective on space research to the citizens. We believe that our works can help non-professionals to reflect on how life in the outer space will be, what can we do, which are the potentials, which are the limits. Because the fundamental question is: what we -as humans- will do in the outer space? Just floating in the air? Our answer is: there is much more.

Boemさん、Brumleyさん、Ishacさん、Xieさん、Dolllackさん、西田さん、大図さん、佐野さん、敷根さん、杉本さん、髙嶋さん、髙鳥さん、利根さんの作品「Life in the Space-Age: Experiments of Art and Technology in Zero-Gravity」展示の様子





髙鳥さんがプログラムを行なった「HERO HEROINE」体験の様子