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The 13th Meeting of EMP Colloquium Series, Erkki Huhtamo氏 講演会のご案内

The 13th Meeting of EMP Colloquium Seriesでは、University of California, Los AngelsよりErkki Huhtamo氏をお招きしご講演いただきます。貴重な機会となりますので、皆様奮ってご参加ください。

概要:Since it was coined in 1960, the word Cyborg has become a keyword of technoculture. However, the concept is used in multiple different senses. It can be argued, as this lecture does, that the cyborg has a much longer history that has been poorly understood until now. Media archaeology can be used to reveal unknown genealogies of the cyborg.

Erkki Huhtamo is Professor of Design Media Arts, and Film, Television, and Digital Media at UCLA, Los Angeles. He is internationally known as a founding figure of media archaeology.