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2019年7月15日(月)~23日(火) 日蘭合同サマーワークショップ


2019年7月15日(月)から23日(火)、筑波大学、オランダ・Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)、Utrecht Universityの3大学合同サマーワークショップを開催しました。昨年度から引き続き3度目となる開催で、本年度は筑波大学にて実施しました。

筑波大学からはEMP履修生9名に加え芸術専攻及び感性認知脳科学専攻から5名が参加し、TU/e及びUtrecht Universityの参加者12名と共に「自然災害後の復興と活力ある社会」のテーマの下、約8日間に渡り、講義、サイトビジット、グループワークやソーシャルイベント等からなる活動に取り組みました。



The summer workshop with the students from Eindhoven and Utrecht was an amazing experience. I was involved in a project that aimed to rejuvenate the Fukushima area by retrofitting existing parks and sports complexes with various technology modules. The idea was that through this gamification process and with the support of the Olympics, the perception of Fukushima could shift from an area struck by disaster to one of sports and health. I come from an engineering background and I learned so much from working alongside some great designers. I believe it is always important to work with people from different backgrounds, both culturally and academically, as it improves the overall creativity of the group. The instructors were very engaged in the workshop and their feedback was very useful for refining our idea every step of the way. This was a program I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from and I look forward towards future workshops between these universities.